Fiber Optic Passive Components     
AWG modules
Planar Waveguide Circuits
PM Components
Fiber Optic Active Components     
Optical Switches
Polarization Controller
Polarization Synthesizer
Specialty Optical Fibers     
High Attenuation Fibers
Photo Sensitive Fibers
Rare Earth-Doped Fibers
Polarization Maintaining Fibers
Aluminum Coated Fibers
Fiber Optic Cables     
Tight Buffer
Loose Tube
Plenum Tight Buffer
Self Supporting Aerial Loose Tube
Fiber Optic Test Equipments     
Handheld Test Products
Custom Switch Systems
Custom DWDM Systems
Light Sources
Optical Loss Meter
Laser Systems and Components     
Laser Components and Modules
Industrial Laser Systems
Vision and Imaging Systems     
Laser Inspection Systems
OCR and 3D Laser Profiling Systems
Broadcast and Communication Products     
TV Product Antennas
FM Products
HF Broadcast Products
HF Communication Products
MF Products
Signal Processing Products     
Spectrum Monitoring
Voice Grade Channel Processor
Wideband Digital Signal Processors
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